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Cherchez-vous des réponses à vos questions (aide avec les devoirs, messages de l’école ou autres)? Voici l’endroit idéal pour poser vos questions et partager avec d’autres parents. Je vérifie  régulièrement les messages alors il sera aussi possible pour moi de vous répondre. Vous pouvez poser les questions dans la langue de votre choix. Il n’y a pas de mauvaises questions… les réponses pourraient en aider d’autres!


Are you looking for answers to your questions (help with homework, school messages or others)? Here is the ideal place to ask questions and share with other parents. I regularly check the messages so I will also be able to answer your questions. You can ask your questions in the language of your choice. There are no wrong questions… the answers could help others!

  1. Just curious if the 2nd coffee meeting will still go ahead now that the dance had been rescheduled?


  2. Hello Everyone!
    Just wanted to post a short message here to say hello! I hope everyone received some helpful feedback from your children’s teacher during their portfolio. Being an english mom it’s always a very stressful time for me and sometimes knowing which direction to go in after can be difficult. Don’t forget we are here to help you along the way in any way that we can. I do want to let everyone know that my son (grade 2) spends one evening (~45mins) a week with a student from ESN to do reading, writing and homework. This works very well for us in lots of ways and I am pleased to say that he is showing lots of signs of improvement and we are very pleased with his progress. His tutor does not have any special training (she is actually our evening and weekend babysitter) but she is very patient and kind and bonus …. she’s French!!! So I know at least once a week he gets to do his homework with someone who speaks French. If anyone is interested in this type of help for their child just let me know and I maybe able to put you in touch with her or someone who can help. I typically drop him off at her house with his weekly homework, or books, or other exercises that focus on something that he is struggling with and she helps him. Nothing formal, no formatted instruction time, just relaxed, supportive, student lead tutoring. My son enjoys it and when he passes a level in his reading she’s the first person he wants to tell! It really has turned into a rewarding experience for him and it has almost given him more incentive to work hard.
    I will be attending the Parent Committee meeting Tuesday evening at the school, but I will pop out to the Family social to say hello. Please approach me if you have any further questions. Don’t be shy,


  3. Hello Everyone!
    As promised, I am here to let you know all the wonderful things that will happening in the school in the coming months as was discussed at the recent parent committee meeting. There were a lot of great discussion that happened during the meeting so in the interest of time I am just going list the major items in point form. Please feel free to ask more detailed questions.
    * As you may be aware already, this is nutrition week with colour coded days in which the students are encourage to eat fruits and veggies and dress in corresponding colours
    * March 21 – 24 is « Proud to be French » week (Semaine de la fierte francaise). The students may be participating in special activities throughout the week.
    * March 23rd is a 1/2 day and is also Portfolio day. Portfolio days usually corresponds with a book sale in the CCNB room at school. The students will visit the book sale on March 22nd to get a « sneak peak » at the books (older students are invited to bring their own money and purchase books). March 23rd is open to the public from 10am – 8pm.
    * Every 1/2 day, the portfolio days and during the dances there is always a representative from the parent committee available selling fundscrip cards. Fundscrip is a fundraising initiative in which you can buy gift cards for various stores in the region (Shoppers, Sobeys, Superstore, Canadian Tire) and by doing so a certain percentage (approx. 3%) of the amount goes to the school. This is a great way to donate money to our school through our daily and weekly household expenses like groceries at no additional cost to you. Don’t forget you can only purchase the gift cards with cash. You can learn more about the fundscrip program and even pre-order your gift cards online and doing so will give you access to more choices as the parent committee tends to only keep the common ones in stock. If you have more questions about this program feel free to stop by the fundscrip table at any of the above events.
    * A local physician in the area, Dr Samuel Daigle, has done extensive research and has put together a presentation on how we as parents can « Unplug » our children. He has offered to do presentations at our school for the students and the parents on helpful ways we can reduce screen time (TV, iPads, video games) for our children and even for us as parents. He has offered to do the presentations in French and English, so if enough English parents are interested we can get an English session …. yeah!!!!
    * Our teacher representative on the committee, Mme Danielle, expressed her gratitude to the parents on behalf of all the teachers for their teacher appreciation week.
    * There will soon be information coming home regarding the sale of clothing with the school logo. These items will be ordered through a local business, Caroflex. Encourage your kids to show their school colours by placing an order.
    * For those of you getting the itch to start with spring cleaning, don’t forget about our annual Garage Sale that happens usually the last weekend of May. Start putting things aside that you would like to donate to the school to sell or maybe you would like to purchase your own table and keep the profits. Either way, it’s a great way to get rid of items that are just taking up space. More details to come ….
    * The last day of school is approaching fast. During this week there is always a special activities day planned for the students in which they participate in different activities throughout the day. One of these activities is inflatable slides and jumpy castles. This year the school has decided to add Water Walkers as well. Typically these activities have only been available to the students, but this year the school has decided to allow the families at our school to come during the evening and enjoy the inflatables and Water Walkers. The family evening will take place June 21st at a small cost per family.

    Whew …. I know I said that it was going to be short, but hey, we have so much fun things coming up that I just couldn’t help myself. Please feel free to attend the parent meetings or if you are interested in helping out with any of the above activities let us know.

    I am also here to bring any suggestions, concerns or ideas you may have for the parent committee to the meetings. Don’t be shy. I firmly believe that everyone has something to bring « to the table ».

    Thanks again
    Angela Savoie


  4. Welcome & Bienvenue!

    My name is Shauna Calnen-David. I am an Anglophone from Halifax and my husband, Ghislain, is a Francophone from the Acadian Peninsula. We have one child at Cité de l’Amité and another child who will start in 2017. Like many of you, sending our children to French school was not an easy decision. My husband is very proud of his roots and so it was important to him that our children speak, read, and write well in French. I agreed with him; I am fully aware of the significant advantages of being bilingual, not only in today’s global workforce, but also benefits like improved memory and cognitive skills (the list could go on and on). HOWEVER, my hesitation stemmed from my own insecurities about being unilingual. Because of my husband’s demanding work schedule, I would be the parent most involved with my child’s education. How would I be able to help my child with French homework? Would communication be a problem between myself and my child’s teacher? I always envisioned myself as being a hands-on parent by volunteering at my child’s school, but how would this be possible now?

    Thankfully, we have the Francisation program (and Mme.Danica) at Cité de l’Amitié that help me to “bridge the language gap”. Not only does the Francisation program work closely with my child and others like him (students with an Anglophone parent) to ensure his success in French school, Mme. Danica has also provided parents like me with personal support, via emails, phone calls, acting as a translator, and sitting in on parent-teacher conferences. This program is invaluable for my family. Recently, the school has taken additional steps by creating this blog/discussion forum on the school website and also by forming a parent support group, which meets regularly, for parents of children who are enrolled in the Francisation program at our school.

    Let me tell you more about our newly formed ‘Francisation Parent Group’ :
    We are a group of bilingual and English-speaking parents who have children in the Francisation program at École Cité de l’Amitié. Our goal is to help other parents, who are just like us, better support their children’s education at a French school. If your mother tongue (first language) is English and you are worried about possible challenges you or your child may encounter at a French school, we are here to help! We hold regular coffee meetings at Cité de l’Amitié to discuss common goals & interests, answer school related questions and provide parental support in a relaxed, informal setting. All our meetings are bilingual; you can feel comfortable speaking in the language of your choice. WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL and we want to be involved in our children’s education as much as possible. If you feel the same, please don’t let language be a barrier that prevents you from participating in our school community. There are MANY resources to help you. Let us tell you about them…..

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  5. Michele MacNeil

    Bonjour Angela,

    I was at the first café meeting. My name is Michèle MacNeil and I have 2 children at Cité, Zachary Newman, 1e année and Daniel Newman, 3e année. I also have an older son Samuel at place des Jeunes. I am fluently bilingual and my husband is anglophone and all our children have been part of the francisation program. I am happy to meet other families with anglophone parents. We moved here from Ontario 7 years ago and so we are always open to meeting new people since we are not from the area. I will let other people know about the blog. I think it’s a great idea!

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  6. Hello Francisation Parents!
    I would personally like to take the time to welcome all the Anglophone parents to this blog and introduce myself. My name is Angela Savoie and I am the mom of Chloe Savoie (maternelle) and Eric Savoie (2ieme annee). I was born in Newfoundland and lived there until I moved to Bathurst in 2007. Living in Newfoundland left me very little opportunity to practice French even though I studied it in grade school and university. Choosing to send our kids to French school was a difficult choice for me, but like most decisions we make as parents it has to be what is best for our children and opening the doors to different experiences, opportunities and languages was the only way for us. I also like to lead by example which is why I have chosen, despite language differences, to be involved in the life of my children’s school in whatever way I can. If I show my children that it’s important to me, I hope they will see how school and education is important to them. With that being said you can probably guess that I am beyond excited to have a “place” (ie this blog) in which Anglophone parents can “meet” to ask questions, offer advice and support each other as we try to navigate as best we can within the French school system. I really hope everyone will feel comfortable enough to reach out and ask for help if you are struggling with something, comfortable to offer advice or support to someone or just plain post a little something to introduce yourself to the group. Being an English parent in a French school can be a lonely place, but at Cite de l’Amite it does not have to be. 50% of the kids at our school have a parent that speaks another language than French, that’s a whole lot of support right there. All we need to do is spread the word about our blog and we will have a large circle of people to draw support from.
    This is also my first year on the parent committee of our school and from time to time I will add a blog post here about what is coming up with regards to activities for the kids, fundraisers and other information that you may not hear about. I am preparing a post that should be available in the coming days recapping the meeting we had Tuesday night. Lots of fun stuff coming up for kids and parents alike!!!
    Like I said, spread the word, introduce yourself, ask a question, answer a question or just pop in from time to time to catch all the “news”. There is no need for anyone to be shy!
    Welcome to the group!


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