Services offered

The Francophone North-East school district offers many ressources to help parents help their children succeed in French school. Here are a few of these resssources.

Welcome kit

A welcome kit is offered to each family to help prepare students for French school. You will find suggestions for activities that can be done at home, information for parents, an activity booklet and many more interresting treasures.

Preschool francisation

This service is offered to all children whose parents have the right to French schools. This service, which lasts two hours per week from January to April, is offered free of charge at school by the francisation counsellor.

Family night

These nights which give families a chance to take part in activities together, in French, also give parents a chance to share ideas and activities that they enjoy doing, in French, with their children. These nights always end with a snack and a prize for the children who participate.

Cultural suitcase

These little suitcases are full of activities children can do at home. They are sent from one family to another for a period of two to three weeks throughout the school year. They contain books, DVDs, CDs, board games, reading material for parents, etc.

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